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Upcircle Safety Razor Review

Safety Razors for many years, have been seen as outdated tools and for men only but as people have become more conscious about plastic, many of us who shave have turned back to the safety razors or have become first time users.  What exactly is a safety razor you ask? A safety razor first appeared… Continue reading Upcircle Safety Razor Review

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Upcircle – Plastic Free Skincare

Upcircle are a UK based company which launched in 2015. They began collecting coffee grounds from London cafes and to date they have saved and repurposed 250 tonnes. Upcirle also reuse fruit stones and chai spices in their handmade products. Packaging across their range is 99% plastic-free and they offer plastic-free refill options for the 1%. Right… Continue reading Upcircle – Plastic Free Skincare

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100 Days In Lockdown

Trigger Warning: anxiety, depression, flashbacks, cleaning We are now half way through 2020, its events have swept us all off of our feet and plummeted us into the unknown. There had been a lot of speculation as to the severity of the Coronavirus: Covid-19, if a UK lockdown would happen and if it did, would… Continue reading 100 Days In Lockdown

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Review: Aldi – Plant Menu

Aldi recently opened in Watford and so last week my Mum did her first Aldi shop, she was amazed at the price differences, usually we shop at Morrison's which is just up the road from us. I have known for a few years at how good Aldi are as I have done the weekly shop… Continue reading Review: Aldi – Plant Menu

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Lush Mouthcare: Boom! Toothy Tabs vs Plaque Sabbath Toothpaste Jelly

I have tried all of the ranges from Lush but only started using their mouth care a few months ago. I picked up the Boom! toothy tabs and have been enjoying using them when Lush released their new toothpaste jellies !! I picked up Plaque Sabbath and although they have similarities in their ingredients, there… Continue reading Lush Mouthcare: Boom! Toothy Tabs vs Plaque Sabbath Toothpaste Jelly

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#TimeToTalk – Mental Health Awareness

  Despite how far conversation and medical support have come when it comes to mental health there is still a taboo surrounding it. People are discriminated against, too afraid and embarrassed to speak out and then when people are brave enough to speak out they are often let down by those they confide in. Mental… Continue reading #TimeToTalk – Mental Health Awareness

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Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

Today is the beginning of Cervical Cancer prevention week and so I feel it is important to bring attention to this horrendous disease and hopefully encourage people to become aware of signs, symptoms and to keep up with any check ups such as smear tests. About 3,000 cases of Cervical Cancer are diagnosed each year… Continue reading Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

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The Humble Co – Humble Brush

Did you know that 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes are produced every year? Devastatingly the majority of these will end up being sent to landfill or find their way into our Oceans.  I have wanted to find a non-plastic toothbrush for a while to help me cut down on my usage of plastic. I am very… Continue reading The Humble Co – Humble Brush